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Thursday, March 15, 2012

2013 Seniors ~ Idaho Senior Photographer

            I love working one-on-one with seniors, capturing your lifestyle and telling your story. It's such an exciting time for you, getting ready to head out on the next journey in your young life. Contact me today for a free in-person consultation and to schedule a "Your Story" album session. Session dates are available beginning April 1. 
If you happen to be a 2012 and still haven't had portraits done, then we can schedule those too!
A new senior gallery and updated website will be available soon. 
"Your Story" album samples are available for viewing. You can check out a few blog posts too.

Best Times of Your Life
 An Idaho Cowboy
A Dancer's Story


Deborah Chetwood said...

Seniors are so much fun. I hope you book lots of sessions.

Nikki Nak Photography said...

Seniors seem like they are a blast to shoot! Much success in your journey!

Rachel Brenke said...

seniors rock!

Jo Reason said...

senoirs seem loads of fun to take. Not something done here in Ecuador though :)

Jenn Valluzzo said...

I've done a couple of seniors and it was so fun. They take direction so much better than toddlers! :) And I love when they get creative with you - enjoy!!

nattyjphotography said...

Ooooh that picture in the middle with the sunset and the horse is gorgeous!!

Beverly Williams said...

Great images! Seniors are so much fun to photograph!

Tara Colburn said...

That silhouette is incredible! Lovely work, my dear.



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