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Monday, August 8, 2011

One-year-old Essence Session ~ Idaho Children's Photographer

This little guy is the youngest of four boys. I've known his family for quite awhile now, and I've been able to photograph all of his big brothers. Little R just turned one, and I captured his little personality during an Essence session. It's neat to see how each of the boys have a different look and personality, yet you can tell they are brothers. Thanks Crystal for coming over. It was great fun!

If this post receives 10 or more comments, this family will receive a complimentary 5X7 image of this little cutie!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Natural Cowboy ~ Idaho Portrait Photographer

I was out all last week in New Orleans and Kansas for a convention and to visit family. I have so much to post here, including the rest of this senior session. Lot's going on around here. I hope to catch up soon!

One day he'll be grown...~ Idaho Children's Lifestyle Photographer

One day he'll be grown and be driving his own car. So today I will cherish that he is still small. 

This is one of my new favs from a recent "Essence" session. I love capturing children just as they are.



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