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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, and every day, I am thankful for many things--my faith, family, friends, work, food, shelter... The list really can go on and on. I feel very blessed. I'm also very thankful to wake up each day and see these beautiful smiling faces, as well as tell stories with words and my camera every day. Take time to give those you love a hug or if you're far from home, at least a phone call. Happy Thanksgiving! God bless!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Idaho Cowboy ~ Idaho Senior Photographer

I had such a great time during this senior session this summer. Drew has a quiet, gentle spirit. He was completely relaxed and in his element, so it was easy to capture his true essence. And because my lifestyle sessions are not simply about what my subjects look like, but rather their personalities and relationships, it's important for me to capture images that speak to real life. From his beautiful sorrel gelding he broke himself, to his custom-made chaps with his family's brand and his initials in the tooling, these details add to his story. Drew comes from a multi-generational ranching family. Many weekends, he can be helping his grandparents or his Dad with their cattle, taking on a lot of responsibility for a young man.

Here are just a few images, but you can see his complete story on my website, www.maggiemalsonphotography.com. Click on the Your Story link under Galleries. If this post receives 20 or more comments, Drew will receive a complimentary 5X7 Gift print from his Your Story lifestyle session. Best of luck as you continue your schooling, Drew!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stories ~ Idaho Lifestyle photographer

I just wanted to get a quick post up because I am out of town right now. The past two and half days I was at an amazing workshop with the Professional Photographers of Idaho. I have so many great things to say about it!! But, now I am at the Idaho Cattle Association Annual Convention and Trade Show.

May seem like those don't go together, but they do. I have always loved the creative arts, whether it was photography, painting, drawing or writing. (I even consider baking and cooking a way of expressing my artistic side, but I'll save more of that for another day.)

I'm fortunate to not only get to write with words, but also to work with ranchers mainly in Idaho, but in the past across the country. I help tell their story and get their message out about the safe, wholesome, nutritious, high quality beef they raise for our world.

In addition, my photography allows me to tell stories of my subjects with images instead of words. I feel very blessed to be able to capture people with words and story-telling portraits.

Here is just a quick peek at a senior. I loved capturing the story of him with his dogs, his horse and his cattle. More of this will come soon!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Beautiful Woman ~ Idaho Lifestyle Photographer

I'm so excited to blog these images! I had so much fun during this "Beautiful Woman" session a couple months ago. This gorgeous wife and mommy came to me wanting some images as a surprise gift for her husband. Not only is she a beauty on the outside, but she has a beautiful heart. She's a supportive friend and sister. I'm very blessed to have her in my life!

A "Beautiful Woman" session is about you getting in front of the camera instead of behind it. It's about celebrating you as a woman, whatever stage of life you are in. These sessions can be fun, flirty, romantic, serene and relaxing. No matter the mood or style they take on, they are completely tailored to making YOU feel special. And who doesn't love getting a little dressed up and letting their inner model come out?! 

This was such a fun day of being girly with a special woman in my life. Thanks S! 

If this posts receives 20 or more comments, you'll receive a complimentary 5X7 from your 
"Beautiful Woman" session!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Family Freebie ~ Idaho Lifestyle Photographer

It's blustery outside today, but a warm mug of Green Chai tea is keeping me toasty inside my office! I was being a little creative the other day and made this Family Wordle. The file is my gift to you and available to download. Or you can make your own at www.wordle.net.

Click Family Word Print and you'll be directed to the original file. Right click on it, download, save it to your computer, print it out and frame. You can send it to a photography lab to create greeting cards or other prints. I recommend Mpix for those wanting a quality print lab. I thought it might be fun to create a canvas gallery wrap with it to hang on my wall. I'll let you know how I use it in my home, and if you use it, then please send a photo and share your ideas. Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Urban Family Session ~ Nampa Lifestyle Photographer

I just love repeat clients! It's so great to photograph them throughout the year or at least once a year. And, I've been getting to photograph this little munchkin since she was in mommy's tummy! We had a lot of fun walking around downtown, capturing some sweet moments and all of their fun personalities.

I've had a hard time picking a favorite from this session. Which one do you like best? If this post receives 20 or more comments, this fun family will receive a complimentary 5X7 image from their "Your Story" session!



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