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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Idaho Cowboy ~ Idaho Senior Photographer

I had such a great time during this senior session this summer. Drew has a quiet, gentle spirit. He was completely relaxed and in his element, so it was easy to capture his true essence. And because my lifestyle sessions are not simply about what my subjects look like, but rather their personalities and relationships, it's important for me to capture images that speak to real life. From his beautiful sorrel gelding he broke himself, to his custom-made chaps with his family's brand and his initials in the tooling, these details add to his story. Drew comes from a multi-generational ranching family. Many weekends, he can be helping his grandparents or his Dad with their cattle, taking on a lot of responsibility for a young man.

Here are just a few images, but you can see his complete story on my website, www.maggiemalsonphotography.com. Click on the Your Story link under Galleries. If this post receives 20 or more comments, Drew will receive a complimentary 5X7 Gift print from his Your Story lifestyle session. Best of luck as you continue your schooling, Drew!


greygirl25 said...

Beautiful images, I especially love the silhouettes in the sunset.

This must have been a fabulous session.

Cheri S. said...

What amazing pics!! I love the realness of the photos and can so feel the love he has for his horse!!

Michelle Short said...

I love how you captured so many of the small personal details in his shoot. I especially love the silhouette photos at the end. Nice work!

Christine K Photography said...

Cowboys.... be still the heart. Great sunset images - those would make an amazing large canvas to hang over hte couch. I'm kinda thinking I wouldn't mind hanging one in my own western themed living room. You sure captured his quiet, strong spirit and soul. Great job

Caralina Teal said...

I just found your blog via pinterest. I immediately recognized the Malson name because my family has bough some Malson bulls before. This is a great senior session of the western lifestyle. Like you I have always taken images of my families ranch and just recently have been getting into portrait photography. I love when the two mix! If you like you can check out my photo blog at http://tealpixelsphotography.blogspot.com/ Hope you have a great day and good luck with the bull sale!



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