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Monday, February 28, 2011

Just One ~ Idaho Children's Photographer

Just one photo of my little boy turning two years old. Just one image to say our baby is turning into a little boy. Just one image to begin a new year of memories and milestones. Just one image to help this momma remember her little boy after he is all grown up. If you had "Just one" image to look at today, what would it be?

I did take more than this, but sometimes all you need is one image to tell "your story." Coming soon, "Your Story" Collections by Maggie Malson Photography. Stay tuned for the details.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mine on Monday ~ Idaho Children's Photographer

Yes, yes, I realize it's Tuesday, but since yesterday was a holiday (President's Day) and the kids didn't have school, we just hung out as a family. Here is our sweet Little E. She's our middle. It's hard to believe she's almost five. She's smart, funny, independent, a little sassy, but also so sweet. She likes to hang out with her big sis and mother her baby brother. Playing babies, pretend cooking, racing cars, reading books, dancing and putting together puzzles are some of her favorite activities. She loves to help me in the kitchen--cooking, baking, cleaning. Anything to help, she wants to do. She has taught me patience (scratch that) is teaching me patience. She's brought immense joy to our family and we love her so very much!  



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