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Friday, March 23, 2012

Glimpses Week 11 ~ Idaho Lifestyle Photography

It seems I do post quite a few images of my little guy. And this week I couldn't pick just one. He's such a part of my every day though, and he loves these blocks he received for Christmas and his birthday. I love that you can almost hear him making his little sounds as he plays. And he was so interested in playing, he didn't pay any attention to me. He's not going to always be this little, so I want to continue to preserve as much of his childhood as possible.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

2013 Seniors ~ Idaho Senior Photographer

            I love working one-on-one with seniors, capturing your lifestyle and telling your story. It's such an exciting time for you, getting ready to head out on the next journey in your young life. Contact me today for a free in-person consultation and to schedule a "Your Story" album session. Session dates are available beginning April 1. 
If you happen to be a 2012 and still haven't had portraits done, then we can schedule those too!
A new senior gallery and updated website will be available soon. 
"Your Story" album samples are available for viewing. You can check out a few blog posts too.

Best Times of Your Life
 An Idaho Cowboy
A Dancer's Story

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday | Idaho Children's Photography

Glimpses ~ Week 10 | Idaho Lifestyle Photographer

Oh I've gotten a little behind on my Glimpses of Everyday posts, but I hope to make up for it. This is a pretty typical scene around our house these days. J loves to put on his boots, hat and chaps, about every day it seems. One afternoon, I could hear him playing, then things got pretty quiet. After a few minutes I decided to investigate and found my little guy all tired out from all his hard work. To see more Glimpses and to check out the new CHIC magazine launched by Chic Critique Forum head on over there. I can't wait to get my issue in the mail!! Happy Wednesday everyone!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Unseen Moments ~ Your Story Session | Idaho Lifestyle Photographer

For this session, I was inspired by my own every day moments spent with my children. Every time I sit in my rocking chair reading to my baby boy or mix up a batch of cookies with my girls, I think to myself, I really wish I had a photograph of this. I wish someone would document these really special moments for me, and then I could be in them too. I also knew there would be other families who felt the same way, and I wanted to share my eye and my perspective on capturing those every day, unseen moments with them.

I got to know Amber because we were both photographers in the same area. When I met her, she was someone I felt I'd known forever; she is easy to talk to, genuine and a true friend. Recently, she and her family found out they would be moving across the country, and I knew this was a session she would be thrilled to have done before they left. Her girls are the world to her, and we both realize how fast our children are growing up!

Knowing this would be completely relaxed and in their home, I told her to let the kids wear what they wanted (they all wore their pjs, which I loved!), and to just plan on doing some of things they do at home every day, like read books, snuggle on the bed and play. It was truly going to be capturing them having fun doing the mommy/daughter activities they do every day.

My style really is about storytelling. I use different angles, close-up detail shots, and pull-backs to create images that really work together to tell the story of my subject(s).

Even though the session was very laid back, I was still aware of my light sources and where the light was coming from. I also tried to keep my aperature low in order to create as much bokeh as I could to blur the background and make my subjects the true highlight of the image.

The baby is about 9 months and her big sister is almost 3. I knew I wouldn't be giving a lot of direction, but really trying to stay back and capture the natural interactions between them. In this particular session, I let Mom take the lead in engaging her children for the most part; whereas in other sessions I would interact more directly with the children.

 The very best images from each Your Story session are custom designed into a beautiful, heirloom quality, flushmount album. This session was so much fun to do. We all had fun, and Amber was overwhelmed by the story we captured of her and the girls. All the unseen, sometimes forgotten moments, are now preserved forever.

As always if this post receives 20 or more comments, this family will receive a free gift from me!

All Smiles ~ 8-month Essence Session | Idaho Children's photographer

This little cutie came over a couple weeks ago with his parents when they were picking up his older sisters from a playdate with my two girls. I couldn't resist getting him in front of my lens for a little while. He's grown so much since this newborn session, almost nine months ago! He's usually a pretty somber little guy when I see him out and about, but he was so smiley during our impromptu session. I can't get enough of sweet little babies!

To find out how your little one could be a baby model for me in the month of April, give me a call at (208) 674-1283. Happy Friday everyone!



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