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Friday, May 27, 2011

Displaying Your Wall Portraits ~ Idaho Portrait Photographer

In a similar post I blogged in April, I talked about displaying portraits in your home. I've been working on a follow-up post for awhile now to talk about the different sizes of wall portraits. As I stated in that original post, I used to be a little leery of large wall portraits. And then I purchased some of my own family, and I am IN LOVE with them! There really is nothing like having beautiful portraits of your own family hanging on your wall--much better than the mass produced pieces from home decor' stores. 

Sometimes it's hard to visualize how large an image you would need for the space you want to display it. In these examples, I used my standard-sized loveseat (54 inches wide).

Here is an example of a 30X45 canvas. Looks amazing doesn't it? Lots of impact, and why wouldn't you smile if you walked in to your own home and saw an image of your family like this? 

Here is another beautiful example of using a collage of gallery wrapped canvases to create a wall display in your home. For these, we take the space available, find images you love and find sizes to fit that space. The fun thing about designing a wall gallery like this is you don't have to do it alone-I help with all of those decisions and you can see how it's going to look in your own home!

Now this is the 20X30 we have hanging in our living room. And I admit, I do wish I had purchased a larger size. But I still absolutely love this canvas. Now maybe you're thinking, what?? 20X30! I can't do that. I don't think I couldn't go bigger than 16X20.

Well, this is a 16X24. What do you think? For me, it's just not big enough by itself for this space. It would make a great anchor for a collage of additional images of the girls though. 

Again, here is an example of a print that is just too small, but may seem "big" to you right now. It's an 11X14. This is the smallest size for a wall print. And again, if you want to display in a large space over a table, sofa, bed, etc., it is too small by itself. 

Finally, just for fun, here is an 8X10 image above the sofa. As great as the image is, it just doesn't have the WOW! factor that a large print would have. This size is actually a Gift Print, and is designed to sit on a desk or shelf.

I hope this post has been helpful in showing you different print sizes and how they might look in a large space. My mission as a portrait photographer is to provide you with timeless, storytelling images that you are thrilled to display as wall art and in heirloom quality albums. There is no better ART than that of your family, and I love to help my clients design their wall galleries that they smile at every time they seem them. I'd like to leave you with other thought in regards to wall portraits and ART of your family. Our home decor styles and tastes may change over time. What we love today may be what we cringe at in ten years. However, the portraits we have of our families will appreciate in value. We won't be getting back the time when our kids are little or when our parents are alive and healthy. The images of life we have captured right now are going to be the windows to the past that will mean even more to us later on.
I promise you this; your family will never go out of style.

For more examples of wall portraits, check out these posts by Amy Ro. She did a great job explaining more about wall portrait sizes and displaying large photographic art.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Learn to Dance in the Rain ~ Idaho Children's Photographer

How will you appreciate the sunshine if you never learn to dance in the rain?

I love how kids don't really care what the weather is like; they just love to be outside in it. My kids will go outside at any time-whether it's blazing hot or freezing cold. They love to swing, run around the yard, dig in the sand--anything to be outside. I wish I was as happy to get up and get outside as much as they are. I let work, taking care of our home and other stuff get in the way of enjoying life some days. It would do us all more good to be outside enjoying God's green earth.

We've had a really wet spring this year. We usually call our little spot on the map part of the southern Idaho desert; however it's seemed more like Portland or Seattle lately. I admit, it's hard not to let some of the gloomy days get to me. But, just when I think I can't take another dreary day, I'm reminded that we have to stop and appreciate the rainy days just as much as the sunny days. Because without those times of sadness, sorrow or gloom, I think we would take for granted all the gloriously sunny days we have too. Now this could be a little metaphor for life. I know I let my circumstances or annoyances of the day get me down, but I'm so thankful for my little ray of sunshine to remind me that when God brings rain, it's time to go "jump in the puddles!"

The next time life or the rain has you down, just put on your muck boots and jump in! The sun will be shining again soon!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beautiful Woman ~ Idaho Portrait Photographer

I was so excited when Lisa contacted me this winter for a "Beautiful Woman" session. As women, especially moms, we seldom let ourselves get dressed up and get out in front of the camera instead of behind it. The only times may be when we're getting senior portraits done or on our wedding day. I wanted to create a special session that celebrates women. No matter what we look like, where we're at in life or what we're doing, we are beautiful. 

Lisa totally rocked this session, and we had so much fun together! She will have these special portraits to share with her family forever.

Yes, you might be a little nervous to have portraits done, but you don't need to be. Just like the children and family sessions I offer, a "Beautiful Woman" session is tons of fun! You are unique; unlike anybody else. The images we create capture that part of you that makes you special. Your personality will come shining through. If you're just a little bit curious, give me a call today, we can visit about your "Beautiful Woman" session. 

And if this post receives 10 or more comments, Lisa will receive a complimentary 5x7 Gift print!

Friday, May 13, 2011

God's Gift to You ~ Fruitland Portrait Photographer

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. ~ Desmond Tutu


It was such a pleasure to photograph this beautiful family. Being teachers, Stuart and Deanna are raising their girls to love learning. And they all enjoy reading together. It was neat to capture something they do every day as a family in a beautiful way for them. One of their favorite books is I Love You Stinky Face, which is a sweet story of the unconditional love of a mother for her son. After hearing the story, I think I'll have to pick it up for my kiddos too!

Deanna is a beautiful expecting mother. She just had that glow. I really enjoyed getting to know her more this year as she was our oldest's teacher. It was fun seeing them all together as a family too; they love each other so much. 

We had a fun time photographing in and around their home. I always enjoy coming to my client's homes and favorite locations, as they tend to be more comfortable and relaxed. We also had some beautiful light that evening during the "Golden hour," my very favorite time to photograph people.

The girls are adorable and are both excited to be big sisters to a baby brother. I was thrilled to get to know them all better during this session. 

So excited for you to welcome a little boy to your family, and can't wait to see you all again for his newborn session!

If this post receives 10 or more comments, this family receives a complimentary 5X7!

Have a great weekend! We're finally having some warm spring weather!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mine on Monday ~ Idaho Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

It was great having my parents here last week to spend time with us. The time always go by too fast, but I love capturing memories like this to always remember our time together. It was especially nice to be able to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom. She is such a great listener, super supportive and always makes me laugh. And she's an awesome grandma too. I am so thankful that our girls (and Little J) have gotten to know my family even though we live far away from them. They look forward to the visits as much as I do. Love you Mom and Dad! You are the best!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Kim Severe for winning the Mother's Day Giveaway from Maggie Malson Photography, Heather Madden of Mary Kay, Jennifer Morgan of Jewels by Park Lane and Crystal Herzberg with Scentsy!

This is the #19 winning comment.

Here's what Kim said about why she love's being a mom (comment #18)

Congratulations Kim and thank you to all the moms, kids, friends, husbands and grandparents who entered. I am truly humbled by all the wonderful moms out there. I've always said it's the best and the hardest "job" I've ever had/will have.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all women this weekend. Whether you are blessed by being able to give birth to your own children, are blessed by adoption or blessed by being an "aunt" or a "friend", all women who give of themselves to serve and care for others should be celebrated. Also praying for those who have lost a child or have not been blessed by motherhood yet. God bless all of you. Happy Mother's Day!!

**Also, as a special gift to all who participated, you will receive a Gift print credit on any session you book through the end of 2011. 



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