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Friday, May 25, 2012

My Thinker ~ Glimpses Week 20 | Idaho Children Lifestyle Photographer

She looks older here, too old for me, really. But behind that serious look is a heart of gold, a big toothy grin and a girl I love more and more every day. I saw some great light in our living room, so I grabbed her for a little impromptu lighting practice. Love playing with light and shadows! I have plenty of her smiling too, but this one just strikes me. She's my thinker.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Communion | Idaho Lifestyle Photography

A few weeks ago our oldest reached another milestone in her life; she received her First Holy Communion. She had been preparing to receive this special sacrament all year along with the rest of her second grade religious education class. And, she was very excited for her big day! They had two wonderful teachers who not only shared their knowledge with them, but also helped them grow in their faith walk. Faith is certainly a very personal matter, but as Christians, Jesus calls us to fellowship with Him and others. First and most of all, we are called to love God and love others. It's not always easy, but something we are called to do every single day. It makes life so much easier when we remember this commandment too. 

We were fortunate that my parents were able to make a trip out for this special occasion. And my sister and youngest niece also made a surprise trip out as well. She is Mackenzie's godmother. It was great having family here to help us celebrate. 

Mackenzie wore the dress my mom made for me when I made my First Communion so that was extra special. She also wore my head piece and corsage as well. I just had some extra flowers and ribbons added to the wreath to make it her own. 

Congratulations to our sweet girl! May you always carry the love of Jesus in your heart and share it with others. We love you! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's a... ~ Gender Reveal Party | Getting Personal

So most of our close friends and family know about the fun little surprise we're expecting at the end of August, but I thought it was time to let my clients know too. We are very excited to welcome another blessing to our family!

The Details:
     We decided to do something different to find out the gender of this baby. When Josh and I went to the ultrasound on April 3, we didn't have my doctor tell us what we were having. In fact, it took quite awhile for her to see as the umbilical cord was between the baby's legs. My doctor then emailed Erin at Zoey's Attic, who has a custom t-shirt design business. Erin was awesome to work with. I had ordered Little J's "Big Brother" Tractor t-shirt in February when we told the kids we were having a baby. When searching for something special for him online, I found Erin's Etsy Shop. This little t-shirt was perfect, and so fitting as he loves tractors.
     We had also made arrangements to have a onesie made when we found out what we were having. I ended up ordering the girls t-shirts also, which I'm so glad I did. It will be fun to get a photo of all four of them once "she" arrives. I decided instead of some of the popular ideas of cutting into a "boy" or "girl" colored cake, or opening a box of colored balloons, we would have the kids open up a package with the onesie to tell us the baby's gender. It was such a fun way to get them involved too.

The Decor:
     I asked my sister-in-law, Stephanie, to be in charge of decorations and details. She's a wonderful party planner, and I knew I had plenty on my plate to think about. I decided I wanted to go with a black and white color scheme versus the traditional pink and blue. I guess I just love the classic combination. She went above my expectations with what she put together. She even sewed a table runner and two adorable buntings out of the cool fabric she found. I'm so excited because with a little tweaking, these pieces will work as valances and a crib bumper for the nursery. And with the left over fabric, I'll be able to make a quilt and other bedding pieces too. Yay! Can't wait to get it all put together. She even came up with the little diaper party favors stuffed with mints. (It was one of the triangle pieces of fabric, folded and glued to look like a diaper. Adorable!

The Food:
     Spicy Pop Pulled Pork Sliders
     Mixed Fruit (strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, grapes, apples)
     Veggies and Homemade Ranch Dip
     Chips and Salsa
     Cheese and Crackers
     Black and White Parfaits (This was a quick and easy layered dessert served in individual clear plastic cups. I layered crushed chocolate sandwich cookies, white chocolate pudding, chocolate pudding and whipped cream. These were a huge hit with the kids and adults at the party.)

The Reaction:
     On the invitations, I had told guests to wear black if they thought the baby was a boy and white if they thought it was a girl. Most showed up wearing black. Josh has four brothers and only one sister, so there are a lot of boys in the family already. I wore both colors! Up until a few days beforehand, I really thought it was a boy. I know several families who have two girls and two boys, and I thought we would be another one of them. But, then a day or so before, I just had the feeling I should prepare myself to be having another girl. And I did remember thinking a few years ago when getting rid of all the newborn girl clothes after we had Little J that it would be fun to have just one more girl. Ha! Little did I know...
     I'm not very good at surprises either, so it was a feat for me not to peek or somehow find out beforehand. But, I'm so glad I didn't. It was fun and exciting at the same time to watch as the kids unwrapped the onesie. 
     Special thanks again to Stephanie for taking the photos from the day. She even made little "boy" and "girl" signs to have our kids and guests hold up to show what they thought the baby was. 
     The most priceless comment was Little J. He looked right at me after we saw the shirt and exclaimed, "It's a girl!" and with big crocodile tears said, "But, Momma, it's supposed to be a boy!" Oh, it about broke my heart. It was sad and sweet all at the same time. He has since decided having a baby sister is going to be just fine. Either way, bringing a new baby to the family will be a little of an adjustment for him. But, I know he'll make a great big brother. And the girls are quite excited to meet their little sister as well.


     In a recent post about my summer photography session schedule, I mentioned not taking any sessions in late August and September. Now you know why! Maintaining balance in my personal and work life is not only beneficial to me and my family, but also to my clients. I take a limited number of sessions already because there is a lot of investment of time and resources in "Your Story" sessions. Be assured, when I do schedule a session with a client, I am fully devoted to them and telling their story. Creating an amazing photographic experience from first consult to delivering of the finished albums and prints is my number one priority. 
     There are also some changes coming to my business that will be announced this fall, and I am excited to be working on them now. If you love my work, and want me to tell "your story", please contact me as soon as possible to discuss scheduling options. I am currently booking maternity, newborn, baby, child, senior and family sessions for June and July 2012.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sweet and Spunky Six-year-old | Idaho Children Photographer

Our sweet little E turned six earlier this month. What can I say, this girl makes me smile! She just finished Kindergarten and is headed to Pre-First. She is kind and loving, always giving people hugs. She's both independent and hesitant at the same time. Once she's comfortable in a situation, she's all energy and charges right ahead. But, if things are new and different, she hangs back for awhile analyzing the scene. She's a great big sister to Little J and adores her big sister M. She loves to sing and dance. She's a great runner too!

When you have more than one child, it's neat to see how each really have their own personalities. I want to help her shine in whatever way I can. She's our sunshine and we love her so much!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Glimpses Week 19 | Boise Lifestyle Photographer

Daddy: "Little J, do you want to watch a movie with Daddy and eat popcorn?"
Little J: (Jumping up and down with fists clenched, grinning ear to ear-his really excited reaction.) "Yeah, Daddy!"
Daddy: "What do you want to watch?"
Little J: "Bob the Builder!" (He doesn't get to watch it much as it only comes on as we're headed out the door for church on Sunday mornings.)
Me: (Thinking to myself) I have the sweetest boys ever. Not going to miss this moment!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Schedule Update ~ Idaho Lifestyle Portrait Photographer | Babies, Children, Teens and Families

Hey folks, I know it's been awhile, but I have so many things in the works right now, it's hard to decide what to share yet, and what can wait. Stay with me though; some exciting changes to Maggie Malson Photography are coming!

I'd love it if you could leave some comments and let me know what you enjoy most about the blog or you'd like to see more of in the future. Do I blog enough? Too much? Do you want to see more recent sessions? Before/After edits? Tips for future sessions? More personal stuff/less personal stuff? Talk to me friends; love hearing from you!

Scheduling Update:

Two "Your Story" album sessions and one "Essence" session available in June, July and August. I will not be accepting any sessions in September (more details to come) and will have limited availability this fall. If there is enough interest, I will be offering family mini-sessions for Christmas cards in October. Please leave comments if you would like to be contacted about the date for it. Thanks!

Don't wait until the last minute to think about capturing your child's milestone moments or your family's lifestyle and relationships. "Your Story" album sessions include an in-person consultation to discuss style, location, clothing and all the details that will make your session unique. These sessions result in a custom-designed, heirloom quality album telling "your story", as well as custom wall art created for your home. 

Here's a sample of a spread from a recent senior "Your Story" album. Oh how I love designing albums for clients!



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