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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glimpses ~ Week 2 | Idaho Lifestyle Photographer

Here is my second week "glimpse" of our everyday life. I realized that a lot of these images are probably going to include my little guy as he's such a part of my every day. I'll have to make a concentrated effort to capture his older sisters either before or after school and on weekends, as both are gone throughout the day. I really miss having them around too. I must admit it is sometimes easier only worrying about one at home when I've got a busy work day, but I love my girls so much that having them gone all day every day makes me sad too. Just another reminder to grab all the little moments I can and hold on to each one.

Part of J's morning routine is getting to watch a little TV while I get ready for the day, check email, have some quiet time, etc. His favorite shows include "cowboy TV", which is anything on RFDTV or The Pioneer Woman on Food Network. We have all those episodes DVR'ed so he asks to watch them. He also really loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I love that he has a favorite blankie he cuddles with too. Each of my kids has their blanket. They don't usually take them from home unless staying somewhere overnight, but they can be found with them around the house. Ahh, glad I'm writing down these little details because I know I'll forget them someday. If you would like to see more glimpses into some other photographers every day lives or you want to play along, check out the Chic Critique Forum!

Glimpses ~ Week 1


Melissa Wilson said...

LOVE it!

Danielle LaFleur-Dutta said...

This is such a classic photo! I think all mom's can relate to it. :-)



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