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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Art...and business

In November, I attended a workshop with the Professional Photographers of Idaho. The first day we attended educational sessions on business, exposure, lighting, pricing, client connections, posing and print competition. In addition, we had a shootout with models, different lighting set-ups and backdrops sponsored by Silverlake Photo Accessories.

I was so excited to meet some of my area's photographers who I spoken with or emailed, but never met. The workshops were inspiring and tremendously helpful. Photography is a journey and I never want to stop learning this art. During the second full day, we heard from Master photographer JuliAnne Jonker who shared with us some art history and how to apply the influences of classical artists into our own style of photography.

Even though I have a story-telling, relaxed style, and use mainly natural or available light, I still want to know classical lighting techniques, posing principles and techniques for running an efficient and profitable business. It's not only important to me to create beautiful art of the children and families I photograph-art that will only appreciate in value as time goes by-art displayed in wall galleries and heirloom albums, but it's also important for me to remember all the business side of this. I am dedicated to my clients and providing them with an amazing experience, but I also love my family. They are who inspire me a lot in my work.

Therefore in 2012, I will be concentrating mainly on pursuing my "art" and fine-tuning my business to create one that works for me and my family, while also allowing me to provide THE BEST possible customer service to my clients. I know that for me, I don't need a lot of clients, but I do need and want clients who truly value what I offer. I may not be the photographer for everyone, and that's okay too. It's taken me awhile to realize and accept that, but I am going to be better for it. I hope you continue to follow along and see where this journey takes me, and how you can also be a part of it too!

PPI Shootout
And here are some of the images I captured at the PPI Shootout. Different than what I've been doing, but really fun to practice and learn with different portrait lighting set-ups. These models are really great too!

This first image was set-up using Rembrandt lighting-one light source was set up 45 degrees to subject camera right. It's also characterized by the triangle shaped light on the shadow side of the face. You can see this lighting in Rembrandt paintings. This model is actually another professional photographer, and he was fantastic as the subject in this little vignette set-up. Here's a link to learn more about Rembrandt lighting.

The other three images were created using continuous lighting with a really large softbox as the mainlight to the left of the subject and a smaller fill light to the right of the subject. I ended up having to shoot really wide open so there is a little blur on some of the limbs, but it was good to use some different lighting set-ups. Now I just need to practice at home!

I didn't capture a lot of digital images as I took my film camera and practiced more with it. I'm looking forward to getting my prints back to see what I captured. It's been years since I used film, but it's another way I want to challenge myself this year and work on my "art."


Melissa Wilson said...

Beautiful images! I am a big film camera bring it back old school fan! Nice post!

Monica Grimes said...

Love the first image! I have been wanting to attend some workshops to improve my own skills with lighting and this just makes me itch to do so that much more!

Alyssa said...

This is exactly what I need to do too. Looks like you learned a lot from the workshop! #1 image is my favorite!!

Maïa said...

Interesting to learn about Rembrandt lighting !
I love those blurry backgrounds, especially the 1st one :)

Melissa Jean said...

That first shot is such a great one! What a perfect model for that dramatic lighting too! I can't wait to see what you got on film! I hope you share with us.



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