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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Film Practice ~ Idaho Portrait Photography

I mentioned awhile back that I had used my film camera at a PPI workshop I attended. It had been almost six years since I'd shot any film through it, and I literally felt like I was flying blind. I shoot on manual, setting my aperature, shutter speed, ISO and white balance with each session. With my film camera, there aren't as many dials and such to mess with. I'm so glad I did it though. It was what I needed to get over my fear of it, and get inspired to shoot film again. 

At the workshop, they had set up different shooting bays, and it was for us to experiment with different lighting systems (both continuous and strobe), and with the fun backdrops from Silverlake Photo. So, although I was pleased with the model images I shot, especially because I was just hoping to not have anything be blurry, I really see myself using film again in my lifestyle sessions. I also like the idea of simpler processing, and hopefully shooting less images. I think back to when I used film all the time, and it was just second nature. Then, along came digital. I know I've overshot sessions because I could. I have some ideas about how I can incorporate film back into my work again. 

I didn't even shoot the whole roll at the workshop, so I got to use it up at home on one of my favorite subjects. :0)


Sylvia Cook Photography said...

Film! I think I have one of those cameras packed away in a closet somewhere!

Brandy - Bry Photography said...

I love getting my film camera out to shoot. It's so relaxing...a kind of therapy.

Kimberly Smith Photography said...

How fun to take out the film camera and give it a go! You got some fun shots! What film speed were you using? I know the film speed is what we now use ISO for. I haven't shot film for YEARS. I should pull mine out and give it a go again too. :)

By the way- where in Idaho are you? I am located in Idaho Falls. I didn't make it to PPI but wanted to. And I'm not sure if I will make it to convention. Its the same week as my kids spring break and we had planned a family vacation.

greygirl25 said...

Sheesh, my poor film camera hasn't seen the light of day since 2002.

Beautiful portraits, but the black and white one of the baby is wonderful. So sweet and innocent.

Oana Hogrefe said...

I miss the film days, still have a few rolls in the fridge :)

Ann Steward said...

Wow. Nothing is more romantic-looking than film grain. Love this look! Great job :)

Mary Peterson said...

LOVE film, I'm saving for some equipment so I can start using my 4x5 again!

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