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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! ~ Idaho portrait photographer

As 2011 is upon us, it's time to reflect on the past year and make some goals for the future. Thank you to my friends, family, clients and fans. Your support of me and my business is so dearly appreciated. I've come up with a little motto for the new year. In all things, professional and personal, I hope to give JOY, give LOVE, give PEACE and make MEMORIES! God bless you all. Have a wonderful new year!!

As a photographer, I have a goal to blog more often. Along with showcasing my recent portrait sessions, my goal is to blog more about myself too. I want you to really get to know me. I feel photography is about relationships and there is also an element of trust. You have to trust that when you hire a professional photographer, they are going to deliver what they say they will. I want you to get to know me as a friend, as much as a professional. You should know I like to have fun, but I can be serious too. During a session, I'm completely focused on my clients, getting lost in capturing the special moments being shared among them. But, I also have a young family of my own and in order to do the best for my clients, I have to make sure I'm taking care of those at home too. My little ones are the inspiration for my work and they must remain a priority for me in the new year. In addition to sharing more about me, I also want to post more how to's, session tips and ideas for displaying portraits in your home.

In addition, I would like to photograph at least 12 new clients in 2011. I don't have to be busy all the time. I realized my limitations after being extremely busy in 2010. I want to know I'm giving my undivided attention to my clients when it's work time and undivided attention to my family when they need me. Finding balance is what the new year is all about. I will be looking for some new faces in the next couple months as I want to try some ideas for sessions I've been playing around with though. If you've always wanted a session with Maggie Malson Photography, you'll want to stay tuned.

Giving back to my community is also important to me. I've worked with Help Portrait and Love, INC., in the past and will continue to do so, but also want to expand my charitable contributions in 2011. I'll be looking for ways to give the gift of memories to those who've never had access to professional portrait photography. I'll also be calling on you guys too; together we can really make a difference!

As we start off on this new year, my goals will be to give JOY, LOVE & PEACE to the people I meet and share life with, and to make MEMORIES with my own family, as well as yours. God bless you all in 2011!


Julie Kerner said...

I found this quote & it immediately reminded me of you.

"But before all else, a work of art is the creation of love. Love for the subject first and for the medium second. Love is the
fundamental necessity underlying the need to create, underlying the emotion that gives it form, and from which grows the unfinished product that is presented to the world. Love is the general criterion by which the rare photograph is judged. It must contain it to be not less than the best of which the photgrapher is capable." Eliot Porter

Maggie said...

Thanks so much Julie. That's an awesome quote. I'm going to print it and hang it up. Love it!



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