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Friday, November 11, 2011

Beautiful Woman ~ Idaho Lifestyle Photographer

I'm so excited to blog these images! I had so much fun during this "Beautiful Woman" session a couple months ago. This gorgeous wife and mommy came to me wanting some images as a surprise gift for her husband. Not only is she a beauty on the outside, but she has a beautiful heart. She's a supportive friend and sister. I'm very blessed to have her in my life!

A "Beautiful Woman" session is about you getting in front of the camera instead of behind it. It's about celebrating you as a woman, whatever stage of life you are in. These sessions can be fun, flirty, romantic, serene and relaxing. No matter the mood or style they take on, they are completely tailored to making YOU feel special. And who doesn't love getting a little dressed up and letting their inner model come out?! 

This was such a fun day of being girly with a special woman in my life. Thanks S! 

If this posts receives 20 or more comments, you'll receive a complimentary 5X7 from your 
"Beautiful Woman" session!


Melissa Jean said...

Your black and whites are SO fantastic. And that first image is cover page worthy!!!

Tara Colburn said...

I absolutely love the first photo, and the full length B&W image is amazing as well. Your work is gorgeous!

Danielle Dutta said...

Lovely! Especially the first photo. (Love the perspective.)

Danielle said...

Stunning! Love the black and white coversions too!

Mary Peterson said...

She's not beautiful, she's gorgeous as are these images!

Anonymous said...

She really is beautiful, great pictures!

Judy said...

WOW Stephanie - your look so beautiful!!! Hope to see you soon.



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