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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Learn to Dance in the Rain ~ Idaho Children's Photographer

How will you appreciate the sunshine if you never learn to dance in the rain?

I love how kids don't really care what the weather is like; they just love to be outside in it. My kids will go outside at any time-whether it's blazing hot or freezing cold. They love to swing, run around the yard, dig in the sand--anything to be outside. I wish I was as happy to get up and get outside as much as they are. I let work, taking care of our home and other stuff get in the way of enjoying life some days. It would do us all more good to be outside enjoying God's green earth.

We've had a really wet spring this year. We usually call our little spot on the map part of the southern Idaho desert; however it's seemed more like Portland or Seattle lately. I admit, it's hard not to let some of the gloomy days get to me. But, just when I think I can't take another dreary day, I'm reminded that we have to stop and appreciate the rainy days just as much as the sunny days. Because without those times of sadness, sorrow or gloom, I think we would take for granted all the gloriously sunny days we have too. Now this could be a little metaphor for life. I know I let my circumstances or annoyances of the day get me down, but I'm so thankful for my little ray of sunshine to remind me that when God brings rain, it's time to go "jump in the puddles!"

The next time life or the rain has you down, just put on your muck boots and jump in! The sun will be shining again soon!

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anda maciel said...

Adorable! :) Looks like so much fun!



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