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Friday, July 27, 2012

Newborn Props ~ Boise Newborn Photographer

Topic of the Day: Newborn Props 

I don't use too many props for newborns as I think brand new babies are just perfect as they are. My sessions are lifestyle in nature as I photograph newborns and their families in their own homes. However, I think incorporating meaningful family heirlooms, special items or blankets can add a very personal element to some newborn images.

For example, we just received an old metal tub for our 10-year anniversary. It was used as a table decoration at my grandparents surprise 10-year anniversary party. It's the perfect size to hold our little newborn we'll be welcoming in a few weeks.

If you could use one prop to photograph with your newborn (whether you're having a baby right now or not), what would it be and why?

And congratulations to all of you having babies this year! 

Here are a few examples of how we did incorporate some family treasures into newborn sessions.  
This little sweetheart was photographed on the handmade blanket her great, great grandmother made. Definitely a treasured keepsake for her family and will help remind them of her every time they see this image.

 This handmade doll cradle basket was given to my sister for Christmas when she a little girl. She loved playing house with it. Her baby girl fit perfectly in it and now all of her girls enjoy playing dolls with it. Both blankets used in this image were also wedding gifts from special friends. 

During this 9-month session, my client pulled out a blanket given to her baby girl as a gift. It made the perfect backdrop for simple images that captured this growing little baby.   

As you can see, these images are simple and focus on the baby, but by including an item special to the family, the image can evoke even more memories as it's cherished through the years.


nattyjphotography said...

Love how your clients have incorporated pieces of their family history into their newborn photos. I should think of something cool like that when I decide to have children.

Monica Grimes said...

I think it does make the photos more meaningful to incorporate something that is treasured by the family! Great job :)

Joncee May said...

I LOVE that the props are important to the families and not just props. This is the type of newborn photography I like! :)



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