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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Snow Day ~ Getting personal

With all the snow we've had lately, the kids have had a lot of fun out in it. The girls love running around and making snow angels. We even collected some for snow ice cream. We still have nearly of foot of snow out on the lawn. Last week, I bundled Little J up and he went out for a bit. This was really his first time playing in snow as he too little last year to enjoy any of it. At first he wasn't so sure, but then he got tickled when he'd stick his hand in it and it's come out on his mitten. I just love seeing my kiddos experiencing something new.

P.S. Don't you just love his hat?! It's the only one he'll keep on. His great grandparents brought it back from New Zealand.

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Mom said...

Maggie, We finally got snow last night and this a.m. I was out fertilizing wheat. It amounted to about a quarter or an inch deep.Typical SW Kansas! love dad.



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