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Monday, August 9, 2010

The New/Old Chair and Miss M ~ Fruitland Children's Photographer

If you follow me on Facebook (which if you don't, you should, wink, wink), you might have read I was bringing back some fun new props from our vacation in Kansas, and I was so excited to use them in some upcoming sessions. I finally got to use one of them-the old, but new to me, awesome black vintage chair that was my great grandmothers. My sister has a matching one. I have always drooled over it when I visit her house, and she was even going to give hers to me, however, my mom knew there was another one still in the basement of my grandma's house. I love having items that were passed down from other generations. There is always a history to them. After a good clean-up, the chair looks brand new, and I love it!! One of my recent sessions of the just-turned-seven, Miss M, was the perfect one for it to make its debut. I love, love, love the images from my evening with her. I have had the hardest time editing them down because M was the perfect model and didn't really take a bad shot. We had fun stomping out in the big field, and also with some of her furry friends. It was fun to have a little one-on-one time with her and see her little personality shine. She is a real sweetheart. Thanks M and mom, Lisa, for a fun evening. Hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

I did some of them in my traditional style of editing, but I also knew I wanted to add a vintage feel to others. This session was perfect for that. I even tried a little texture on the last one. Which do you like best? If this post receives 10 or more comments, I will gift a 5x7 print to the family.


Heidi said...

My favorites are the dandelion one and the one right after that where she is looking down. You did a great job on the vintage look! Beautiful photos. I would LOVE to have a chair like that! I need to start going to yard sales I think.

Maggie said...

Thanks for stopping by Heidi! It was such a fun session to take and to edit1

Maggie said...

I had started looking around for cool chairs too, but was even more excited when I found this one that had been in the family!

Christy Lee said...

I finally got a chance to check out your blog. LOVE the new chair, and LOVE these photos. I agree... the dandelion shot is wonderful! As always, excellent work!

jennifershike said...

I love these pics - they are so great!



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