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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Heart Faces Entry-Hands On Fun

So I've been checking out this great site for photographers of all levels recently called I Heart Faces and I decided to enter this week's photo challenge-"Hands On Fun". It was actually really hard to decide which "hands" photo to enter, as I love details and usually capture many hands shots during my sessions. Hands can reveal such emotion.

But, this one speaks the most to me--it is the infant hand of my son, resting on the worn, hard-working hand of my Granddad, taken last summer when we were visiting him. I love that we were able to introduce J to his Great Granddad and see them interact. And that's what images are all about--capturing your life--your details--that speak the most to you.

To check out all the other great entries or to enter your own, head on over to I Heart Faces.


Hana said...

Very sweet and tender! Great photo!

elizabeth said...

Sooooo precious. Love the different textures of their hands. Beautiful!

Angela said...

Love this!

Linds said...

what a great shot!

T. Armstrong said...

M...I loved this shot when it was posted before...it is beautiful!!!! :) Good luck friend! I am thinking of entering one...can't decide which picture though...hmmmmm.

50centlove said...

How precious is this?? Little one reaching out to touch a wise one.

Maggie said...

Thanks all! I just checked out the winners-some amazing images this week, as always. There is nothing better than a beautiful image to tell a story.



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